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A place to explore food, wellbeing and life!


Leadership coaching for professionals who want to bring joy and wellbeing back into the pursuit of purpose.


A personalised one-on-one coaching program giving you the strategies you need to be well while you do well. Letting you make a contribution in the world in a truly sustainable way.

Let me guess….

You are smart, motivated and really care about making a contribution in the world. You want to solve problems and make an impact.

But after a lot of running, you are starting to wonder if the way you are doing it is sustainable. You want to lead yourself, and others, towards a purpose, but do it from a foundation of health and happiness. 

But right now, you…

  • Keep finding yourself feeling overwhelmed, low in energy and motivation and consuming more coffee than you care to admit.

  • Feel a little unclear on your actual purpose and if what you are doing right now is really it.

  • Have a lot of ideas about what you want to do, but you feel a little stuck, like your life is running on autopilot, permanently set to high speed.

  • Wondering how you can lead yourself and others in a way that lets you live a life you love while doing work you care about.

I know you feel alone with this, but you are not.


So many of us struggle with these questions every single day. We try a multitude of different things that we hope will help, but most of it doesn’t really stick or transfer into our real lives. You want to feel calm and grounded throughout the day, not just on your yoga mat, right?


Tiny Steps. Seismic shifts.

Let your mind have a well-deserved rest for a moment. The truth is, although you are really smart and capable, you can’t really think yourself out of your current situation. Sure, this has taken you far in life, but right now you could benefit from support, techniques and space. This is where I come in - I specialise in helping you take concrete, yet manageable steps to:

  • Better understand how you want to make a contribution in the world and how that plays out in each day and moment

  • Understand what nourishes you so you can feel calm, grounded and present and lead yourself and others from this place

  • Be clearer about what is important to you and how to live and work aligned with your values

  • Build your confidence around what you do and why

  • Have a greater understanding of how your mindset and actions impact you and the people around you and redesign them as needed


At the end of working together, my clients tell me they feel a profound shift in how they think, feel and show up in the world. They have greater clarity on what matters, have more energy to do it and are able to find more joy in the process. They realize their value and share that in a way that is fun and rewarding. They are finally able to close the laptop at the end of the day and feel it was enough.


Walking a journey with Michelle of re-connecting to myself and my work has been a profound and incredibly rewarding experience. Michelle provided me with a rare space to reflect, consider and recalibrate. Her guidance was both practical and provocative, and always deeply resonant, and she supported me to take clear action and integrate it into my life. For the first time, I was supported to explore the roots of what really drives me. This has deeply impacted the effectiveness of my work and leadership and the quality of my life. I can’t think of more necessary, urgent or important work – the need to take time to consider and connect in ways that restore and nourish ourselves, each other and our living world.
— Jess, Director, Not for Profit Trust

 I understand you, because I am you.


I really understand how you feel because I have been in exactly the same position. Over the last two decades I channeled my concern for the world into my professional work in sustainability and food systems. I studied and worked in management roles that would allow me to contribute to these issues in what I felt was a meaningful way. At some point, I found myself flying around the world, running non-stop between meetings and struggling to find enough energy to get through the week. I found it ironic that I was so concerned about the wellbeing of the world that I was neglecting my own wellbeing. This made me really started to question – can we do well in the world if we are not well ourselves? 

I started exploring tools and practices that could improve my own wellbeing and help me rediscover joy in the process of making a contribution. I learned that the tiny steps we take as individuals may at first seem insignificant, but they add up to what creates deeper change and real impact. Through this work I also completely reevaluated my understanding of purpose and the intention behind everything I do, and this has made my work much more effective.


My mission now is to empower us all to contribute in a way that is sustainable and joyful. Through research and action, I have a toolkit of science and experience backed knowledge, practices and exercises that I am passionate about sharing with you.

What you get:
Less Woo Woo more You You

I offer a 3-month, one on one program to help you transform how you live and lead. This program is completely focused on you, meaning full attention and accountability.


Here is what is included in your program:

  • A fully personalised 90-day program to meet your specific needs and context. I design a tailored program for you based on our initial intake conversation.

  • 6 one-hour coaching calls (via Zoom)

  • Customised activities and workbook for you to work on between our sessions

  • What'sApp and email support

  • Curated resources to further your learning


Want to chat?

I would love to hear from you and explore how we could work together. 

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